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Arctic (2019) – Movie Review in Hindi | Mads Mikkelsen

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This is a Survival Movie starts with Mad Nicholson having just been in a plane crash but he hides out in the plane with one thing on his mind survival. We don’t know anything about him, we don’t know who he is, where he came from, what he’s doing there, all we know is that he’s got to get back home.

This is not any another Hollywood adventure survival tale but it’s more on reality ground. There are not much dialog infact you can say no dialogues at all because mads is alone. But what makes this one special is mads acting. You can judge and feel whole picture by his expression and that’s why these kind of true phenomenal actors are in there in Hollywood.

The whole movie is all about absolute survival, no nonsense or Hollywood masala and entertainment elements.

Movie Review
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