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HellBoy (2019) Movie | Spoiler Free Review in Hindi

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Hello Guys, Here is my Hellboy Spoiler Free Review in Hindi.

Special Thanks to my dear Friend Ajo Koshy for Hellboy Library Binding Issue

Director: Neil Marshall
Cast: David Harbour (Hellboy) , Daniel Dae Kim (Ben), Sasha Lane (Alice), Milla Jovavich (Nimue The Blood Queen) and Ian McShane (Professor Broom)

It’s a reboot of Hellboy comic book character created by Mike Mignola and published in Dark Horse Comics.

Hellboy (2019) movie is loosely based upon Graphic Novel – Wild Hunt, You will find lot’s of elements which are directly lift from this comic book.

This representation of Hellboy is Dark, Horror and Rated R, lot’s of gore and violence into it as compare to Ron Perlman’s Hellboy which released in 2004, even compare to any other superhero movie.

Movie Review
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